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EVF Flip

Zacutos EVF Flip is a monitor only Electronic Viewfinder that has a 3.2" screen and a snap on/flip up Z-Finder mount.
£24,381.50 IVA inclusa

EVF Snap

The EVF Snap has Zacuto standard Zacuto ZFinder Frame built into the EVF unit so any ZFinder model can snap on and off the EVF.
£21,235.50 IVA inclusa

FC1 USB Focus Controller

The FC1 USB Focus Controller - Enhance the capabilities of HD video enabled Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras.
£12,100.00 IVA inclusa £7,562.50 IVA inclusa

MC1 USB Mini Controller

MC1 USB Mini Controller is a wired USB remote for Canon DSLR cameras with video capability.
£7,865.00 IVA inclusa


Pincher is a universal HDMI cable restraint for DSLR's, perfect for keeping your HDMI cable in place.
£4,089.80 IVA inclusa £2,674.10 IVA inclusa

Z-Finder EVF

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF allows you to operate your camera "in-line" with your rod system and an offset viewfinder in front of your eye. Purchase One Today!
£25,325.30 IVA inclusa