Tripods and Heads

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Revolution Head Only (NO Controller)

The Kessler REVOLUTION Pan and Tilt System is our answer to the need for an affordable, quality motorized pan & tilt head.
26 953,57 ₽ excl tax

Kessler K-Pod Tripod System™ incl. SoftCase

Revolutionary tripod system designed to support camera cranes/jibs. The K-Pod™ was designed to be the best tripod system for your camera crane / jib, but it is also an excellent tripod to shoot from, when not using your crane.
19 648,73 ₽ excl tax

Revolution Head w/ ORACLE Controller

The Kessler REVOLUTION Pan and Tilt System is our answer to the need for an affordable, quality motorized pan & tilt head.
51 212,85 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Premium Track Dolly Trucks

Upgrade your K-Pod Track Dolly Truck wheels to our new Premium Wheels.
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Kessler Hercules 2.0 Studio Plate Upgrade (attaches to Hercules 2.0 Head)

The Kessler Studio Plate Upgrade attaches to the Hercules 2.0 head to give a secure quick release mount for heavier cameras, like the RED or 35mm adapter rigs. The Studio Plate Upgrade includes the quick release plate receiver attachment, long quick plate, & two long studio handles.
5 120,02 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Premium Wheels Upgrade (12 wheels)

If you already have our standard Track Dolly Trucks and would to upgrade to our premium wheels, you can order the premium wheel upgrade (12 wheels).
3 772,48 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Push / Pull Handle

The Push/Pull Handle securely mounts to the leg of the K-Pod to allow you to push or pull a camera operator, when using the K-Pod as a dolly.
3 502,74 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Seat / LowBoy Mount

First, it is an adjustable custom made seat using the K-Pod™ as a dolly on our K-Flex Track. Secondly, give you a second, adjustable postion to mount a tripod head.
3 502,74 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Soft Case

This case is custom made for the Kessler K-Pod™. The case has a rigid Masonite padded floor and the foam lined top and sides keep their soft shape and ensure the protection of your equipment.
3 502,74 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod 6" All Terrain Wheels

6" dual-locking nomadic "All- Terrain" wheels for the K-Pod System™. These wheels are for use on rough terrain, like gravel or in a yard.
3 233,39 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Adjustable Seat Mount Bracket ONLY

The K-Pod Low-Boy / Seat Mount Only is for use if you only need an extra mount, if you already have the K-Pod Seat or Ball Relocator. This is the Mount Only.
2 963,64 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod 7" Idler Arm Upgrade

Our new 7" Idler Arm Upgrade for our K-Pod™ Track Dolly Trucks allow for improved operation when using the trucks on track that is not perfectly straight or parallel.
2 694,29 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod 6" Standard Wheels

Standard 6" dual-locking caster wheels for the K-Pod System™. Set of 3.
2 424,55 ₽ excl tax

Kessler Wheel Skirts (set of 3)

Keep those troublesome cables out of the way with the Kessler Wheel Skirts. The Wheel Skits are compatible with the Kessler Standard Caster Wheels only.
1 346,36 ₽ excl tax

K-Pod Spiked Feet (set of 3)

100% stainless steel spiked feet for the K-Pod System™. Set of 3.
672,59 ₽ excl tax