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EVF Flip

Zacutos EVF Flip is a monitor only Electronic Viewfinder that has a 3.2" screen and a snap on/flip up Z-Finder mount.
24 381,50 Kč IVA inclusa

EVF Snap

The EVF Snap has Zacuto standard Zacuto ZFinder Frame built into the EVF unit so any ZFinder model can snap on and off the EVF.
21 235,50 Kč IVA inclusa

EVF Top Mount

The EVF Top Mount is a fully adjustable way to mount your EVF from the top of your camera.
10 381,80 Kč IVA inclusa 3 114,54 Kč IVA inclusa

Gorilla Baseplate for Canon C100-C300-C500, Scarlet and Epic Cameras

Gorilla Baseplate for Canon C100-C300-C500 is compatible with the RED Epic and Scarlet cameras as well.
5 190,90 Kč IVA inclusa

Stinger For Canon C100-C300-C500

Stinger For Canon C100-C300-C500 includes Zacuto long handles and a counterbalance weight to create a stable framework for accessories.
43 560,00 Kč IVA inclusa

V Mount Plate for Epic/Scarlet

V Mount Plate with P-Tap output and 20" 1B 6-pin Lemo Connection(10" version also available) Transmits Data to EPIC/Scarlet when used with RED Bricks or designated Switronix RED Bricks Mounts directly to RED Cradle or RED Quickplate.
0,00 Kč IVA inclusa