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EVF Flip

Zacutos EVF Flip is a monitor only Electronic Viewfinder that has a 3.2" screen and a snap on/flip up Z-Finder mount.
24 381,50 ₽ IVA inclusa

EVF Snap

The EVF Snap has Zacuto standard Zacuto ZFinder Frame built into the EVF unit so any ZFinder model can snap on and off the EVF.
21 235,50 ₽ IVA inclusa

FC1 USB Focus Controller

The FC1 USB Focus Controller - Enhance the capabilities of HD video enabled Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras.
12 100,00 ₽ IVA inclusa 7 562,50 ₽ IVA inclusa

MC1 USB Mini Controller

MC1 USB Mini Controller is a wired USB remote for Canon DSLR cameras with video capability.
7 865,00 ₽ IVA inclusa


For Canon 5D/7D/60D : An HDSLR V-mount 14.8v 70wh lithium-ion battery pack, 12
9 183,90 ₽ IVA inclusa


For Canon 5D/7D/60D : An HDSLR V-Mount 14.8v 70wh lithium-ion battery pack; 24
9 553,78 ₽ IVA inclusa